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Following the unconditional cash support rendered by ICPDO in partnership with DCA to the most vulnerable persons in Kapoeta East county affected with humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, Mrs. Mary Kiyong the beneficiary for unconditional cash distribution stated that the cash distributed is like manna from heaven she expressed her happiness for the support given to the community, according to Mary the assistant came at the right time of the ongoing economic hardship where numerous people are in dire need of cash assistance, she further continued to say that she was among those households who found it very difficult to access food to feed their families.

She testified fulfillment of her house household food needs when she opened tea outlet/ business using part of the cash she benefited from ICPDO and DCA.

In regard to this support, Kiyong requested ICPDO to continue providing the support to the most vulnerable persons affected with humanitarian crisis in South Sudan and thanked the implementing partner for the remarkable assistance.  Before this initiative supported by AA project thorugh DCA and ICPDO, she was not able to support her family because she had nothing she was doing and now the cash assistance or intervention has rescued her situation that made it easy for her to access food for her household.

“May God bless The source of the income” she ended her statement.

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