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My name is Jacqueline Nene an IDP and beneficiary of the unconditional cash transfers residing in Narus Payam Kapoeta East County, my Husband perished during the   civil war in South Sudan that erupted between SPLM IO and the Juba government in 2013 leaving behind eight (8) children with 3 of them below the age of 5 under my care.

As a widow with no source of income or remittances/support from relatives, coupled with the current economic crisis in the country   leading to high food commodities prices has left my life and that of my children miserable. Access to food has been very difficult and we could only eat once a day or miss anything at all. I and my children used to take porridge most of the time since we did not have anything to eat. I became desperate and felt as if I had no value to my children given I had sered them and could not be able to feed them. This was very disturbing and frustrating situation, to an extent I thought of committing suicide but I just imagined how worse life could be my little children. I offered my prayers to God.

My life was miserable and access to food was indeed a problem but to ensure that life goes on, I used to go to the bush collecting wild food and vegetables to prepare something for my children and regularly borrow food from relatives and other well wishers to feed my children.

After receiving USD 75 from this ICPDO in December, I was able to change the same and got 45,000 South Sudanese pounds. I was very happy and could hardly imagine this was my money with my children. I did not believe first when the Some people came telling me they were identifying persons who were vulnerable to support them with some cash in the near future. On receipt of the cash from ICPDO,  I bought food for my household and invest part of the money in a petty business of bread making. I could sell some breads to the community members and buy some food items for my children. This gave e a lot of hope in life with my children. In February I was given another 75 dollars and this time I stated I  preparing tea and food in Narus Market where I’m now able to earn income to keep and sustain my household’s food security. Currently I am very happy and feel as if my husband has come back to life. I am able to comfortably feed my 8 children and life has not been the same again. I am now able to feed my kids at-least twice a day.

I thank ICPDO and DCA and any other person or entity that contributed to my welfare for their support which have restored my back my life. I feel great!!

It’s my humble request that ICPDO come up with some business startup grants support to engage the vulnerable people in income generating Activities (IGA) like me and training on how to better manage businesses.

May God graciously bless you.


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