Environmental Natural Resources Management


  1. Community awareness on environmental conservation
  2. Planting of drought resistant or climate smart treesand crops
  3. Participate in the formulation and monitoring of local environmental protection bylaws
  4. Provide alternative livelihood to the communities other than relying on environment such as charcoal burning and burning and use of wood for cookingby training them on Fuel efficient stoves making and use of alternative cooking sources.
  5. Empowering the women and men of local communities to secure their interests (with respect to fair and equitable access and use of bio-resources)in the face of major change caused by globalization and other factors;
  6. Promotion of organic farming
  7. Rainwater harvesting and conservation (Dams and Haffirsconstruction ) for human, irrigation and animal use.
  8. Support in conservation of species and habitats through responsible community-based management
  9. Establish/support to community structures for Disaster risk reductionincluding their action plan support.


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