Food Security and Livelihood Assistance


  1. Facilitating of smooth reintegration of returnees, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
  2. Provision of basic shelters, domestic inputs and care to vulnerable groups especially the returnees and IDPS
  3. Income generation and self-reliance awareness creation for host communities
  4. Community based food for security programs
  5. Women and youth empowerment programme through support of the women with life-skill training and seed capital and VSLAs formation, mentorship and support
  6. Emergency response programme / Cash programming
  7. Conditional and un-conditional cash programmes (CTP)
  8. Food or Cash for Work and Asset.
  9. Training and supporting of farmers in modern farming methods and farm inputs assistance
  10. Training of the pastoral field schools on improved animal production such as animal fattening and marketing. Etc.


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